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Here you can order an original painting for your interior. Worldwide delivery.

About Us

Do you want to add visual emotions and bring uniqueness to your home decor?

Provided that:
- In this very specific case, you rate this paintings only as a decoration;
- The purchase of the paintings is not just money investment;
- You want to get an original art product made of high quality materials.

So, you are welcome to Decoin!

Our team is united by a common idea to enrich the space with emotional colors. Our goal is to make decorative arts accessible to a wide range of consumers. We believe in what we do and we hope that our clients will support all our ideas and aspirations.


First of all contact us in any convenient way. You can see our contacts below.

Our managers will help you to choose the genre and style of a painting for you. They will also provide you with the detailed information about the used materials , will help to choose the size and quantity .

Paintings can be totally different or of the same genre and belong to particular series . Paintings can be modular and consist of several parts: diptych- 2 parts, triptych- 3 parts, poliptych- more than 3 parts. Modules can be of different size and they can be horizontal, vertical orchaotic.

Genres - landscape (cityscape, country style, seascape), portrait, still life, architecture, fantasy, nude and more.

Styles and directions -abstractionism, realism, surrealism, symbolism, impressionism, expressionism and others.

Main directions:
- oil painting, acrylic on canvas and wood;
- watercolor painting, pencil drawing, picture marcer and other options ;
- paper printing, printing on fabric, on canvas.



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